The Iranian Women Association of Oregon (IWAO) is a non-profit organization without any religious or political affiliation to support Iranian-American women in Oregon & Washington in order to promote & preserve the Iranian heritage, language, custom & culture in the community and among the families.

The Iranian Women Association of Oregon (IWAO), founded on January 31, 1995 in Portland, Oregon, USA, is an association of volunteer women, dedicated to improving the lives of the Iranian women and families.

The IWAO mission is to help and support our families, children, and all the future generations to be raised in a proud, comfortable and happy environment of a multi cultural and bilingual lifestyle.

The Board along with other IWAO’s volunteers has successfully established the organization’s presence in the community and through their immeasurable hours of dedicated work developed regular programs and services throughout years. The most fruitful of all are the Persian language classes offered to the Iranian and non-Iranian kids and adults interested to learn this ancient and beautiful language.

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